All Change for Halloween

Halloween LED Lighting

It’s perfectly fine to be scared on Halloween, after all that’s what Halloween is for. Of course, it’s probably been a long time since something like Dracula frightened you; these days it’s more likely to be something much more insidious and terrifying like … change.

Now, change is not the sort of monster that’s scary because it might eat you, it’s the sort that paralyzes you with dread because you don’t know what to do. And it isn’t a monster armed with teeth and claws, just a whole lot of questions you don’t have the answers to. So, the best thing to do is to get help from an expert who does.

For example, say you wanted to handle your energy needs like a 21st-century business but your infrastructure hasn’t changed since the 20th. That’s where an energy expert like Enterprise Solutions can help you find the answers. Even to the often, most compelling question: can you afford it? Enterprise’s Intelligent Alliance partner, Tenzing, has ingenious solutions like ‘Lighting as a Service’ to help pay for full systems without touching your capital expenditure budget. They can provide LED lighting through an e>kit that can be installed in less than 6 minutes, without the need to run any new wiring. Tenzing can also help you choose between the myriad of solutions on the market like Power Over Ethernet, Internet of Things, or other technologies. They are the experts who can find the best solution for your needs.

And after all this, you might find yourself becoming optimistic and wanting to know, what if you expand and need more solutions later? Another Enterprise Intelligent Alliance partner, Autani, has building controls systems with some of the most extensive ‘nodes’ on the market – which allow it to work with far more lighting and controls than most other competitors. You’ll have a 21st-century business in no time that is future proof.

So, even though it’s OK to be afraid this Halloween, come November the 1st you should draft an expert for help in facing Change, and bring that monster down once and for all!



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