For The Forgotten Worker on Labor Day

For The forgotten Worker on Labor Day

It may seem somewhat of a contradiction to celebrate hard work with a day off, but managing employees can be a complicated business in itself, and rewarding them for a year of work with one day off seems like a pretty good deal. The occasional rest can be a vital part of maintaining a happy and productive workforce.

However, one member of the workforce gets left behind on Labor Day and isn’t so much given the day off, as turned off. So a whole lot of unfulfilled potential is left sitting in the dark, waiting for this mix of hard work and rest that brings out the best in all the employees it shelters – the workspace. And like all good employees, it only requires a small amount of investment to turn it into such a productive member of the workforce that it begins to repay you straight away.  

For example, heating and cooling the workspace doesn’t have to be something you just turn on or off. There are sensors to install that determine everything from occupancy to airflow to make sure that each part is only using the energy it needs at any given time, allowing it to work hard where it’s needed and rest where it doesn’t. The sensors are also wireless so they’re easy and inexpensive to install. And with Autani’s EnergyCenter, it is an expandable, versatile system that could pay for itself in under three years.

The workspace can also be helped to be a more intelligent, productive and, frankly, much nicer environment by using smart and energy efficient LED lighting which, once installed by a company like Tenzing, starts saving you money immediately. It also uses sensors to make sure the right amount of lighting is being used only where it’s needed, once again giving the workspace the chance to live up to all its money-saving potential.

Of course, there are so many ways you can make your workspace smarter and cheaper that it’s best to go to someone like Enterprise Solutions to manage a project that will turn what’s sitting in the dark this Labor Day into one of the workforce’s best and brightest.  And it’ll create a more responsive and friendly environment for all your employees allowing them to fulfil their own potential along with their newest partner – their workspace.



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