How to brew great beer this Oktoberfest

Smart Brewery Energy Savings

If you want to brew a great beer this Oktoberfest, then you’re going to need a great brewery first. Micro or macro, you need your brewery running as smooth as the beer you want to end up bottling. And the secret to a smooth operation, large or small, is good old-fashioned attention to detail.

Details like knowing your beer is being stored correctly. To make sure it is, the best thing to do is utilize the intelligent alliance of Enterprise Solutions. They can install Autani’s wireless sensors and EnergyCenter software, so refrigeration and room temperatures can be monitored every second of every day. It can make a real difference. For example, one client test discovered that a faulty light inside a refrigerator was staying on and warming the inside, a quick glance at the online dashboard immediately showed something was wrong. It could then be corrected before it could affect any of the refrigerator contents. Pretty cool, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Technology like this can also save on other valuable and expensive resources like staff time. Checking the status of the refrigerators can all be done remotely so they are not having to take time (and your money) walking to the units and logging manually. And then there are other business insight details like ensuring you’re making the best use of every inch of your brewery’s floor space. With Autani’s easy to install, self-powered, wireless occupancy sensors that link in real time to EnergyCenter, you can see areas of the floorplan that are being used the least. Then you can either find a brand new way to use all that space or just reduce the energy being used there and save yourself some real money.

Because of course, there’s no more important detail than money. And you could save a whole lot of it, just by installing LED lighting. An expert like Tenzing Energy Solutions can tailor a package that works for you and your needs. Their offers like Lighting as a Service can start saving you money from day one. They’ll even help you pay for the upgrades and for the costs to be covered by the savings you will make from the moment you install it. It’s simple and cash-flow positive, which is always a good place to start.

So if you want to make a great beer this Oktoberfest, why not transform your brewery into a modern, energy-efficient business that saves you so much money you can afford to concentrate on other details like – lager or pilsner?



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