Belmont Bruin Hills – Phase 1B

Nashville, Tennessee
  • Lobby-1
  • Exterior-3
  • Electrical-Room-2
  • 1_Exterior-1

79,989 square feet


General Contractor: R.C. Matthews


Belmont University


Build, Design

Phase 1B of Belmont Bruin Hills was a residence-hall project located on the campus of Belmont University, a private liberal arts university in Nashville, Tennessee. Phase 1B of the project was design/build with an accelerated construction schedule of 8 months. Construction began before final design was complete. The project consisted of five levels of living quarters with 48 suites. The contract amount was $1,980,337, and the project was completed in 2012. The residence hall is one of the first in the state of Tennessee with LED lighting fixtures. The building boasts a sophisticated lighting control system with occupancy sensors throughout to conserve energy. The building is set up to provide Wi-Fi throughout the interior of the building with capabilities to provide Internet service on the communal lawn and outdoor green-roof for students to use while studying. Enterprise Solutions performed all the work except for lightning protection, which was subcontracted. A prefab operation was set up onsite to provide wiring devices and low voltage rough-ins for each suite. Enterprise Solutions was also responsible for engineering and installing new 15-kV underground and utility lines that serve the section of campus surrounding Belmont Bruin Hills Phase 1A and 1B.



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