Belmont Dorm 1D

Nashville, Tennessee
  • Belmont Tall Hall Enterprise Solutions
  • Belmont Tall Hall Enterprise Solutions
  • Belmont Tall Hall Enterprise Solutions

243,000 sq. ft.


R.C. Mathews Contractor


Belmont University


Build, Design, Design/Assist, Electrical, Prefabrication

'Tall Hall', Belmont University’s largest residence hall will welcome students to its newest addition on campus in August 2018. The 243,000 square foot building rises almost 140 feet tall making it one of the highest points in Nashville. 611 Upperclassmen will enjoy bird’s eye views from this amazing building which will feature both suite and apartment style room options. Along with this new structure, the University has decided to create a new free-flowing stream and pond that will incorporate a park-like setting with seating spots and green recreational space for students and faculty to enjoy. This park-like setting is being added in front of Tall Hall and between Dickens, Horrell and Russell Halls.

Enterprise Solutions, in partnership with Esa and R.C. Mathews Contractor, was chosen for the electrical design and construction for this project. This project has had a very aggressive schedule beginning with the design that started in late 2016 followed by an immediate groundbreaking in January 2017. Ten months after construction began the building was topped out. The original schedule called for this building to open in phases beginning this summer with an overall completion in January 2019.

Scott Thomas and David Shields led our efforts with this fast-track project along with Stephen Clements who played a large role in making this project a success. “When we started this project, the University wanted to open this building six months ahead of schedule and we did not think that was possible. Our prefab department played an instrumental part in this project and allowed us to shave months off of the schedule. Tony Kosmach, Bill Ralston and all of the guys in the prefab shop did an amazing job in helping us achieve this goal” – Scott Thomas.



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