Grand Lodge

Nashville, Tennessee
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75,000 square feet


General Contractor – R.C. Mathews




Built in 1923, the Grand Lodge in Nashville had never been updated until Enterprise Solutions added a new 1600A service to the building. With space at a premium, finding a location for the new power-company transformers was a challenge. Enterprise overcame additional challenges due to the location of the project, which provided no on-site storage. Enterprise Solutions transformed the existing boiler room into a transformer vault, eliminating the need for a new underground vault, which would have put the project over budget. Enterprise Solutions installed new fixtures in the dining hall, reinstalled some original fixtures in the main entry, added fixtures on the exterior to highlighted the beauty of the building and provided lay-in lights in the renovated office areas. New HVAC was installed the building, requiring new panels throughout. All new conduits were required to be run-exposed. Enterprise Solutions added to the existing security/access control/CCTV system in the building and installed a completely new fire-alarm system. The massive light and two smaller lights in the auditorium were on a manual crank system for maintenance. Enterprise Solutions installed motorized lifts on these three lights, a challenge since the weight of the lights, made of wood and metal, was unknown and had to be measured in place. Several milestone dates had to be met for this project. The boilers were removed at the start of the project in April 2007. New power and the HVAC had to be running before the winter months to prevent the pipes from freezing. The project had to be completed by March 2008 so the lodge could conduct its opening ceremonies.



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