M Residences

Nashville, Tennessee
  • M Residences, Nashville
  • M Residences, Nashville

564,000 sq ft




Lennar Multifamily Communities


Design, Design/Assist, Electrical, Energy Management Solutions, Install

M Residences is a 19-story high-end apartment complex with 344 units. The rooftop sky lounge and seventh-story landscaped amenity deck provide expansive views overlooking downtown Nashville and Music Row. M Residences also includes dining and retail spaces and a 6-level parking deck with 485 spaces. Demolition work started on the prior structure in September 2015 and construction began in October. M Residences is situated on a tight urban site with little to no laydown room for materials. The project site is near Music Row at the intersection of 19th Ave South and Chet Atkins Place. Recording studios are all around the site. As a result, noise is a concern for neighbors. In addition, because of the vertical stature of this project and the populated area that surrounds it, scaffolding is a safety issue. This project is using mast climbers, which provide a one-source scaffolding solution for all subcontractors working on the site. Mast climbers are safer than traditional scaffolding and reduce the amount of material required. Mast climbers are not only more sturdy and efficient, they are also electric. As a result, there are no flammable materials on the lift, eliminating yet another risk factor. This project is scheduled to be completed October 2017.



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