Medical City of Plano

Plano, Texas, Texas
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Architect: Perkins + Will | Engineer: WSP + CCRD | Contractor: JE Dunn Construction


HCA Healthcare & Medical City Plano


Build, Design/Assist, Electrical, Fire Alarm, Install, Prefabrication

In August of 2017, HCA’s Medical City Plano patient hospital and level 1 trauma center, located in Plano, Texas, began conceptualizing their $65.5 million bed tower and surgery expansion with JE Dunn at the helm of the construction and Perkins & Will leading design. After being brought on board, Enterprise Solutions faced the largest challenge prefabrication and operations have faced to date with 60% of the construction being manufactured off-site, resulting in a 10% schedule savings and 10% cost savings.   Additionally, there was a 25% reduction in peak manpower on this job due to prefabrication, while the underground electrical utility racks were prefabricated and installed in 20% of the normal time required at no cost premium and with less site disruption.   There were two main electrical rooms, so we designed an underground conduit system between the Main Normal Electric Room and the Main Emergency Electric Room. Later we assembled the entire conduit system here in Nashville and then disassembled the assembly into shipping-sized splits, which were shipped to Plano and set into the excavation that was ready when they arrived. This allowed for a significant schedule savings on the project.   A team of multiple contractors worked as a joint prefabrication community to assemble the patient room overhead racks in 20 foot sections in a warehouse nearby until the project was ready for them to be installed. They were then shipped to location, raised into place to be attached to the structure, and then interconnected once they were properly placed. This was key in creating considerable cost savings as well as additional schedule savings.   Enterprise also prefabricated the branch electric rooms in a manner that we were able to set the rooms on the upper floors, tie in the branch circuit homeruns from the Prefabricated racks, and pull branch homeruns prior to the walls being built on those floors. This provided substantial savings cost and schedule. In addition to the aforementioned efforts, we also produced a “Room in a Box” for each patient room, which included the patient room headwalls and footwalls with all rough-ins, wiring, drywall and devices to install.   It took a united team effort to accomplish all of the goals set before us. Through hard work and cooperation between trades partners, we successfully exceeded many of the predetermined levels of cost savings, schedule reductions, and prefabrication goals. HCA has been pleasantly surprised at the end result and they were thrilled to move into the facility early due to our collaborative efforts.  



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