Peter Millar

Nashville, Tennessee, Tennessee
  • Peter Millar

3,000 square feet


Wieck Construction


Eric Viars


Build, Design

Peter Millar, a premium men’s clothing and accessory brand has opened its doors in the new Hill Center in Brentwood. This is the first store in the state of Tennessee and it has generated a lot of excitement for local shoppers.

The shop is famous for its elite and stylish menswear along with its golf attire. Eric Viars is the owner of the Brentwood boutique and is also known for his other menswear store, The Oxford Shop located in Green Hills. Enterprise Solutions has had the distinct privilege of working with Eric for the last decade. Enterprise Solutions, in partnership with Loop Worx Design and Wieck Construction, was tasked with the electrical design and construction for this project. Design began in May and construction immediately followed in June. The project had a very aggressive schedule to ensure it would be open by September 1st so that its fall and winter collection of clothes would be available before the holiday season.

This project had a very intricate lighting design with 300+ lamps to highlight the clothing and apparel. Our field team was instrumental in the success of this project. The long hours and the attention to details that were put into constructing this project did not go unnoticed as we hit every mark in stride on the schedule. Jeff Smith and Chris Smith led our efforts with this accelerated project along with Tim Simpson and Cody Dunham who played a large role in making this project a success.



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