Nashville, Tennessee
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552,550 square feet


General Contractor: J.E. Dunn (formerly R.J. Griffin & Company)


Viridian Development Company


Build, Design

The Viridian project was a 552,550-square-foot design/build project that incorporated multiple forms of construction and design, from a parking garage and retail area to condominium/residential building criteria. The parking garage consisted of poured-in-place concrete with standard framing/shoring and utilized PVC-coated MC cable in the design. The residential tower incorporated the use of “flying tables” that were re-used from floor to floor in order to expedite the pouring of concrete during construction. The pool, which was located at the 350-foot Amenity Level, also posed a unique challenge. The construction logistics were also challenging due to the limited space in a downtown location. All deliveries were strictly scheduled with the General Contractor (R.J. Griffin & Company) in order to maintain safety and control of the loading/unloading zones.  During construction, certain areas were classified as Controlled Access Zones (CAZ) to minimize exposure to falling debris or fall potential.  Each CAZ zone was clarified in the weekly meetings and identified in the field with barricades and flagging tape. Three hundred three units were built on 21 residential floors. The pool and workout area were located on top of the building, 350 feet above street level. There were 15 basic unit styles, each with its own peculiarities and challenges. The residential tower has a meter bank on each floor and an electrical meter for each unit to track electrical consumption. Each unit was pre-wired for “future” ceiling fan/ light combination units and low-voltage surround-sound capabilities. The use of pre-fabricated material allowed for quicker installation and trim-out procedures. The project was completed in 2007 with a contract value of $4,189,000.



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