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Enterprise Solutions has multiple locations across the country, including San Antonio, Texas and Orlando, Florida.

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Apprenticeship & Internships



To grow our own Electricians and as an investment in our employees, Enterprise Solutions incentivizes participation in Electrician Apprentice Programs across the southeast. We are currently enrolled in the following trade schools:

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Tuition & Books

Full tuition & books in support of an employee’s enrollment in an Electrician Apprenticeship Program.

Work Hours

Apprentices continue their normal work hours while enrolled.


Apprentices receive 70-100% of tuition reimbursed each year, dependent upon academic achievement.


Upon successful completion of the class year, each enrolled apprentice receives a bonus, which increases each year of the apprentice program.

Hear about our "Work-Learn-Earn" program
from some of our apprentices below.

Why did you join our
apprenticeship program?

What do you like most about the
apprenticeship program?

What is the most significant
thing you have learned?
Do you have any tips for someone
interested in joining the program?
Do you have any tips for someone
interested in joining the program?