Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee

Enterprise Solutions has multiple locations across the country, including San Antonio, Texas and Orlando, Florida.

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Enterprise Solutions is an electrical engineering and construction merit shop fully integrated with a building controls company. We specialize in designing and constructing electrical systems for institutional, commercial, industrial, and service projects of all types and sizes. Our unique business model gives us an authoritative edge – we’re a single-source provider that can handle anything from electrical design and construction to fabrication and manufacturing to building controls and sustainability.

Enterprise Solutions officially opened its doors in 2003 under the name Enterprise Electric, but the company’s roots go back much further. The founders built the company by combining institutional talent from Pan American Electric (established in 1976) and tangible assets from Sullivan Electric (established in 1945) to create the core of today’s Enterprise Solutions. Our collective history gives us the experience, trust, and know-how that sets us apart today.

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We take client relationships seriously here. We work with our valued clients to complete premium design-assists, design-builds, engineering, and construction projects as innovatively, safely, and quickly as possible. Our bidding processes and management systems are continually evolving and improving, thanks to our commitment to innovative thinking and new technology. We’re also at the forefront of sustainability and safety within our field, which gives our clients peace of mind and confidence in choosing to work with us.



Our clients have their own goals: to provide the best healthcare, technology, or service to their clients. We embrace their goals as our own and help them excel in their field by optimizing construction and delivering quality results in a ruthlessly efficient manner. We have a significant number of repeat clients because we consistently build strong relationships, have an expert workforce, learn from our innovative leaders, and utilize efficient processes that save time and money.

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At Enterprise Solutions, we appreciate the experience and lessons we’ve learned from our notable history. We constantly seek to combine that knowledge and wisdom with today’s cutting-edge technologies and processes because we know the result is a better, safer, more efficient experience for our clients. We also contribute significantly to our local communities because we know that a stronger community creates a stronger business community and environment for growth. Together, our talented workforce and innovative leaders are building a better future.