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349,550 sq.ft.


Lawler-Wood Pantex, LLC


Pantex ASC, LLC


Design, Design/Assist, Electrical, Energy Management Solutions, Install, Lighting, Prefabrication

In January 2017, Enterprise began work on a new project at Pantex in Amarillo, Texas. Pantex is the nation's primary facility for final assembly, dismantlement, and maintenance of nuclear weapons. In June of 2016, PanTex received approval to move forward with a new state of the art Administrative Support Complex. The Administrative Support Complex, to be built South of the Pantex, will provide office space for nearly one-third of Pantex's employees. The facility will also be equipped with an auditorium, cafeteria, visitor's center, medical facilities and employee health and fitness facilities.

The Pantex project broke ground as a new construction 349,550 sq.ft. mixed-use classified Office Building. Enterprise was tasked with the electrical scope, which has an electrical construction value of $23.7m. The electrical installation consisted of (3) 3000 amp, 480-volt services, a 350KW generator, rough-in for an elaborate security and access control system as well as a large network of both secure and non-secure data cabling. Additionally, we managed the installation of over three miles of overhead service lines. All of this to be completed within a duration of fewer than 13 months.

Pantex required Enterprise to utilize special equipment and unique fixtures. We installed a sophisticated lighting control system that is capable of automatically dimming the light fixtures when an acceptable amount of daylight is present and includes energy efficient LED fixtures throughout. Additionally, Secure Fiber Trough is routed throughout the facility housing several miles of data cabling. Lastly, we installed a government level classified security system consisting of Specialty Access Control Cameras and various other security devices for exterior and interior protection.

We knew the fast-track schedule was going to be a challenge for us. In order to meet the rigorous demands, we had to implement a wide range of solutions. We implanted BIM coordination, installation drawings, and prefab rough-in. By utilizing these methods, we were able to rough-in areas of over 35,000 SF in less than 10 days with only 4-5 employees per area, which is allowing us to remain on schedule to complete the job in March 2018.



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