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Pantex- ASC

Administrative Support Complex for the nation’s primary site for the final assembly, dismantlement, and maintenance of nuclear weapons. In addition to providing office space for nearly one-third of Pantex employees, the facility is equipped with an auditorium, cafeteria, visitor’s center, medical facilities, and employee health and fitness facilities.

PanTex required Enterprise to utilize special equipment and unique fixtures. We installed a sophisticated lighting control system that is capable of automatically dimming the light fixtures when an acceptable amount of daylight is present and includes energy-efficient LED fixtures throughout. Additionally, Secure Fiber Trough is routed throughout the facility housing several miles of classified data cabling. Lastly, we installed a government-level classified security system consisting of Specialty Access Control Cameras and various other security devices for exterior and interior protection.

Over eighty percent of the overhead and in-wall rough-in was pre-fabbed, in-house, which led to significant savings in labor costs.  Enterprise Solutions completed 85 % of the electrical contract work. By utilizing both the Installation Drawings and pre-fab we were able to rough in areas of over 35,000 sq ft in less than 10 days with only 4-5 employees per area. Allowing us to stay on schedule during the “Fast-Track” delivery of the different phases of this project. Nearly 85% of our labor force were local residents and approximately 40 percent of our materials for the project were purchased from local suppliers.

Project Info


Lawler- Woods Development


Amarillo, Texas

Type of Build:

Government Tech Center


the complete electrical installation including (3) 3000 amp, 480-volt services, a 350kW generator, rough-in for an elaborate security and access control system as well as a large network of both secure and non-secure data cabling. Enterprise also managed the installation of over three miles of overhead service lines.

Size of Project:

335,000 sq ft

Contract Value:

$18 million

Length of Project:

17 months