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RAD 1 Phase II

RAD1 Phase II is a continuation of the distribution center in Nashville, TN where we were commissioned to remove and replace light fixtures with higher output fixtures, install fixtures to their new layout to accommodate for storage racks, add an additional computer test lab, and supply power throughout the building.

All of our work was performed after hours (from 7:00 p.m. to 5:30 a.m.) to install a feeder to the computer test lab for new 112.5 kVA transformers and 400-amp load center, a new Modular Wiring Systems with customized configurations to accommodate an owner-installed racking system, power for twenty new lift charging stations, and more. 

We began Phase II in September of 2020 and completed our contract by the end of February. We are able to do this quick and methodical work thanks to our 6 dedicated employees on this job and for their seamless coordination with our VDC team who were able to prefabricate 10% of the project.

Project Info


Antioch, Tennessee

Type of Build:

Data Center & Tech Centric Facilities


Replace light fixtures with higher output fixtures, install new fixtures to accommodate the new storage layout, and add power for computer test labs throughout the building. 

Size of Project:

517,000 sq ft

Length of Project:

5 months